Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tech Tuesday: Sharing Online

    I've taken to skimming Geneabloggers every day before I sit down to write my posts. It allows me to see what other people are saying, learning a few new techniques, and get inspiration for future blog postings. This morning I stumbled across two posts that struck me. The first, on Deb Ruth's Adventures in Genealogy site, talked about the advantages of using Find A Grave. The second, on Family Tree Helper, mentioned the advantages of sharing in general. Both encouraged making research public and accessible to others.
    In terms of doing Luxembourg research, this topic draws mixed feelings for me. I will probably never publish my entire family tree on the web. Why? Because - like many  Luxembourgers - I'm related to almost anyone that shares my surname. It's easy to violate someone's privacy, even unintentionally. On the other hand, sharing within my family has made my research much easier. What's a good middle ground? Publish your gravestone photos on Find A Grave, even those random ones with your last name that you can't quite identify. They'll usually turned out to be cousins... and someone will be very glad you took the time. Add your name to the surname search on Rootsweb. Post on message boards about your family's surname or home location. You'll still be able to share and protect your privacy.

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