Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Luxembourg-American Traditions and our Luxembourg Genealogy

   I've been taking a few days off and reviewing my Luxembourg family tree. It's been interesting process. As I review our data, I've discovered both "successes" and "failures." We've well traced the birth, death, and marriages of our family back into the 18th century. However, we have same major gaps.
   What quickly struck my family was how little we know about our ancestor's ethnic heritage. I've only every heard one "Luxembourg" tradition kept by this family. My Luxembourger ancestor married a German, and I suspect her holiday traditions gradually took over  We've become immensely grateful for the one story we do have. Ironically, it's from the darker side of Christmas. Black Peter, originally a devil-like character from the Christmas traditions of the  Netherlands, was adopted as part of the Luxembourg community's Christmas. Scary, but I'm glad to know it. It ties me to my roots and helps me better understand my ancestor's experiences.
    What were the traditions of your Luxembourg-American family? How do they play into your genealogical research?


  1. Like your ancestor my ggrandfather married a German woman and I know of no Luxembourg traditions handed down in my family.

  2. I've heard other stories like ours. I wonder how common it was!