Monday, February 20, 2012

Maritime Monday: Why did my ancestor leave from Le Havre, France?

   The first time I saw the passenger manifest for my ancestor's family, I was completely confused. Why would my ancestor be leaving from Le Havre France? How long did they stay there? Did they live in France? It wasn't until I started researching Luxembourg immigration that I got my answer.
   Le Havre was one of two major ports of departure for Luxembourg immigrants (the other was Antwerp). Immigrants arrived by either stage coach (before mid-1859) or train (after), spent a day or two in Le Havre while their ship was loaded, and then left for the United States. The Institut grand-ducal offers a nice overview of the history.
   Based on when my ancestor departed, I would guess that he - and his large family - took a crowded train through France. Their stay in Le Havre would have been as short as possible. There were too many mouths to feed. Then it was off to New York!

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  1. What a great piece of the puzzle. I have one ancestor that I'd love to fill in such a gap but first I have to get him to his port of arrival and then port of departure. Someday I'll have such a clue as you did. Thanks for sharing.