Friday, February 10, 2012

Naturalization: Finding Wisconsin Naturalization Papers

  I spent a bit of time last night ordering a German ancestor's Wisconsin naturalization papers and discovered some useful information about the process. Thought it might be useful to those of you with Wisconsin Luxembourger ancestors!
    To order a Wisconsin record, you first need to known in which court your ancestor was naturalized. That information can be found on an naturalization index card. Such cards are available digitally from the database "U.S. Naturalization Records Indexes, 1794-1995."  Federal court records are treated differently than those of a local court.
    Papers registered at a federal court can ordered from the National Archives branch at Chicago.  To learn more about ordering records from them, visit their website. It includes a method for ordering reproductions.
   Local court records are not held in one central location. To locate your records, visit the Wisconsin Historical Society's website.  This website lists where each county's papers are held. Click through to the organizations websites to learn how to order the papers. Some - including the repository I used - charge separately for each part of the papers. In that case, I tend to order only the Declaration of Intent, since it lists the ancestor's birthplace. If you're not sure what part you need, the Wisconsin Historical Society offers a nice overview of the papers.

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