Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday: How do I find new Luxembourg genealogy resources?

  Since I write resource blogs, finding a new topic can sometimes prove difficult. I'll freely admit it... I don't know everything! I do have some tried and true methods to find some new resources to share and thought my techniques might help you find what you need.
   First and foremost, develop a few favorite sites. For me, the website of the Luxembourg American Cultural Society is a must-check because they keep an excellent and well-developed genealogy links list. Depending on where you research, you may also want to check the local historical society, the website of the newspaper, and more. In Connecticut, the local sites are my must-reads.
   Second, spend some time exploring these sites. Click through those links. I only discovered that the National Archives of Luxembourg hosts a genealogy message board by clicking through multiple sites (sadly, it appears to be only in French and German). Sometimes the new website won't be helpful but often you'll discover a great new resource.
   Finally, spend some time on Google. Search through the first few pages for a search term you enter. You may find a new site part way down the list. Good luck!

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