Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Luxembourger Occupations

      Mid-19th century Luxembourgers were by and large farmers. The first immigrants to the United States followed  this tradition: most new arrivals went to agricultural villages. They would buy land first in an area that already had a Luxembourger population. The younger population eventually started homesteading - how most of our families ended up further north.[1]
   However, a small percentage of immigrants immediately moved to Chicago and other cities. These men and women had a wider variety of occupations. Factory workers were the most common. The Camp family, previously mentioned in the blog, worked in one of the local silver factories. [2]
    And there were also those, like my ancestor, who dabbled in whatever interested them! What did your ancestor do to make a living?

[1] “Luxembourg Settlements,” Institut Grand-Ducal, Section de linguistique, d'ethnologie et d'onomastique ( accessed 20 April 2011).

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