Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Luxembourgs and their greenhouses in Rogers Park, Chicago

   Looking for more information on Luxembourgers and their occupations, I discovered the fascinating history of Luxembourgers in Rogers Park, Illinois. Immigrating to the Chicago area beginning in the 1850s, these Luxembourgers managed to hold into their agricultural traditions in an increasingly industrial area. They first produced celery for the farm markets on open plots. By 1880, they transitioned to greenhouses to grow vegetables and flowers. Immigrants eventually constructed around a hundred such structures.
   Although the practice started to die off after 1920, a few businesses are still in Luxembourger hands. Kinsch Village Florist and Garden Center  in Palatine started in Rogers Park in 1923.  Leider Greenhouses 
can trace its roots even further back. These businesses and others like them would not exist without the adaptability of their ancestors. 


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