Friday, March 23, 2012

Follow Friday: Prarie Roots Genealogy blog - Iowa research

  Written by professional genealogist Alice Hoyt Veen, the Prarie Roots Genealogy blog offers hints for genealogical research in Iowa. Some of her posts are quite generic, such as a review of a recent Irish genealogy publication. Others are unique to the region. Her detailed post on ordering state-level vital records is priceless if you need to locate a birth certificate. I'd love to see still more examples of the later type of post.
   My favorite part of Prarie Roots Genealogy is actually not the posts. Veen has created a wonderful sidebar for her blog. That blog links to local museums, cemetery records, genealogical societies and more... For a non-native, having things neatly organized a great benefit. I'd highly recommend this blog as a starting point for any detailed Iowa research.

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