Monday, March 5, 2012

Matrilinear Monday: Suzanne Bunkers's In Search of Susanna

  In Search of Susanna by Suzanne Bunkers is one of the rare books that comes up with every catalog search for Luxembourg genealogy. That was reason enough for me to hunt it down. An interesting memoir of her time in Luxembourg was a nice plus.
  A quasi-history, quasi-memoir, In Search of Susanna can be a challenging read. The first two chapters provide a solid overview of Susanna, Bunkers's Luxembourg ancestor, her role in the family's life and Bunkers's attempts to find records of her in Luxembourg and the United States. For a genealogist, this section is extraordinarily useful. There's suggestions of new sources, an outline of the research,  and an interesting overview of the researcher's interaction with her subject. The rest of the book traces the author's personal and family history, as well as her study of female autobiographies. While they were a solid example of memoir writing, these sections held my attention only with great difficulty - women's autobiographies aren't my field of interest.
   I'd recommend the first two chapters of Bunkers's book as a crash course overview of Luxembourger research. However, much of the material is available on her website. Consider starting there - - and continue on to the book if you think you need more information.

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