Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tech Tuesday: DeadFred.com and vintage photos

   Once again, I'm returning to my favorite genealogy topic, vintage photos. My family has a lot of vintage photos out there, so I tend to haunt the internet hoping to find new ones. I've already shared a  few of my favorite sources, including photo reunion blogs, Find A Grave, and eBay. Today I revisited a genealogy classic - DeadFred.com
  Although it's probably mentioned in every genealogy book, the site is still worth a visit. Photos are submitted by volunteers, who use the site to connect with relative. You can search by several different catagories: surname, location and photographer. Thus far, these searches haven't offered me any new information, but I keep hoping. My favorite section is the "mysteries" section. There, visitors can post unidentified photos and ask for hints. It's a great way to see what your ancestor's home town looked like.

Happy research!

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