Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Workday Wednesday: the Luxemburger Gazette

  If you've never heard of Nicholas Gonner, you're missing out on a valuable Luxembourger resource. Between 1872 and 1919, Nicholas was the editor of The Luxemburger Gazette. Published weekly in Dubuque, Iowa, The Luxemburger Gazette was supposed to provide Luxembourgers with their own German language newspaper. Ultimately, however, it became much more.
    For almost fifty years, The Luxemburger Gazette acted as a sort of community newsletter for Luxembourger villages.  It mentions local leaders, family news and more. It's written in German, which may take some work for researchers like me (I speak French, not German), but the paper is a guaranteed goldmine. I'm looking forward to getting access to it. The Luxembourg-American Cultural Society holds a full run.



  1. Nicholas Gonner the father died in 1892 and I believe his son Nicholas edited after that.

    1. Thanks for the correction! I've since had the opportunity to learn much more. What a fascinating family.