Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Meriden Factory Workers

   I'm drawn to the stories of Meriden's Luxembourg population partially because they were so different from the typical profile. These men and women settled in Connecticut - not the Midwest. Most weren't farmers or engaged in the typical Luxembourger agricultural trades. They stood out.
   I'm still piecing together their stories little by little, but the 1920 census gave me a more detailed picture. Of three families I studied today, all worked in the factories. One was a silver dipper. Others worked in a brass factor; another labored in a machine shop. What drew these men to a city? Honestly, I'm not sure. They arrived a little later than most (in the 1880s, about 20 years after the peak of immigration). They may have been headed for a promised job or for family. It's a topic for further research.

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