Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Read the town and parish histories carefully before looking for records

     I almost made a major mistake in researching for Church Record Sunday. I saw images of St. Martin's Church. It looked old. It appeared to be the only Catholic church building in Cascade. It had to be the church area Luxembourgers attended. Right?
   Wrong. St. Martin's was the local Irish Catholic church. St. Mary's, the German Catholic church (Luxembourgers often attended German institutions), was no longer in existence. It had merged with St. Martin's, and the building had been sold. And I almost missed it.
  Why? Because I didn't read the local histories closely enough. The local Historical Society's website provided me with some hints. There were references to events at St. Mary's. I didn't track them down. If I hadn't stumbled across a Wikipedia site, I would have missed what had happened - and a lot of Luxembourger history.
  Lesson learned. From now on, I will read parish and local histories more carefully. I will track down every lead. I could have accidentally presented the wrong story.

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