Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Where to Look for Luxembourg-American Records Locally

  Putting together this week's blog reminded me that sometimes it's helpful to have a research plan laid out for you. Following is my "to do list" for researching Luxembourg-American records locally.  I'm assuming you've already done the basics of online research, such as searching the census, and if possible, ordered vital records.
   1. Establish birth, marriage, and death dates: This will make local research much easier.
   2. Start with the Roman Catholic church: Most RC churches keep very good records. Make sure you note sponsors as well as parents, spouses, etc. Many were from other branches of the same family.
   3. Visit the Roman Catholic cemetery: Look for anyone else with your surname. They may be related.
   4. Stop in at the local historical society: See what records they hold. Many have surname files, which contain any records about the family.
   5. Visit the local library: Make sure you look through their newspaper archives around the dates of your ancestor's major events. Obituaries often fill in gaps.

 Good luck!

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