Sunday, May 20, 2012

Church Record Sunday: Saint Boniface (All Saints Parish), New Riegel, Ohio

    One phrase on the Institut grand-ducal's "Luxembourg Settlements" page really stood out for me. Near New Riegel, Ohio, it states that the village of Meysembourg immigrated en masse to New Riegel under pressure from their landlord. A quick glance at Meysembourg on Google Maps suggests that this statement might be true. Compared to neighboring villages, Meysembourg appears to have significantly fewer buildings. 
    Once in New Riegel, the villagers would have to find a church. According to an area historic marker, Saint Boniface was founded in 1834 as a mission of area churches. From 1844 through 2003, the community was served by the Sisters of the Precious Blood and the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. Those orders, which owned over 200 acres, played a major role in the community. 
   In 2003, Saint Boniface was renamed All Saints Parish. The parish now serves churches in the surrounding community.  A phone call to the parish office should help locate records. The cemetery, still called Saint Boniface, is indexed on Find A Grave.

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