Saturday, May 5, 2012

Society Saturday: Jackson County

   Admittedly, I haven't touched on all the Luxembourger communities in Dubuque County yet - just to clarify, we've missed Holy Cross and Luxemburg - but I think it's time to move on temporarily! There are only so many historical societies in a small space. So in the meantime, it's on to Jackson County.
   This was the start of my family's American experience. My ancestor and his siblings settled in Jackson County as children. While most started their adult life in the county, they moved north and west as new homesteading land opened. I identify as being "from" somewhere else. But learning more may change my mind.
   Jackson County has some great museum and society resources for Luxembourg-American. Consider learning more about the Saint Donatus museum I described in an earlier post. The Jackson County Historical Society isn't particularly active (their website dates from 2003), but consider sending them an email or letter. The Rootsweb group is very active and well worth a visit. The surname registry is a nice touch. I know I've missed a few places, so please add to my list!

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