Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tuesday's Tip Update: I found the record!

   So, several hours of digging later, I've found my great-grandfather's civil birth record. It turns out it was in a neighboring town and not in the town where we thought he had been born. The German guide was helpful in identifying the correct record. Unfortunately, it isn't helping too much with the script portion of the record. I simply can't read the German Gothic script. This time, I'm asking for help. But I'm hoping I can use what I learn to work with the next record.
   Those of you have gotten back that far - how are you doing with reading the records?


  1. Why don't you post it? There should be somewhere out there who can help you.

  2. Claudia - I will with the next one I find. I was lucky enough to have someone volunteer to translate for me. It's already done. Only a few new details, but they were fun. Turns out my supposedly illiterate ancestor was only illiterate in English!