Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sentimental Sunday: Learning my cultural heritage

    The more research I do on my Luxembourger heritage, the more glad I am of the opportunity to study my family tree. Like many Americans, my family tree is a mix of different cultures and backgrounds. I don't have one ethnic heritage. I have several: Irish, German, Luxembourger, and a few more. They've combined to make me a full person with a great mix of traditions.
    But it's really nice to know where each piece comes from. I've been able to discover that the "Black Peter" stories one ancestor told probably came from the Luxembourger tradition and not from the family's German heritage.  The opening of Christmas presents Christmas Eve could have come from either. A little bit of cultural history goes a long way.
   So, please forgive me for doing a lot of cultural posts. I love learning!

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