Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sorting Saturday: websites on Luxembourg food and culture

     I spent part of last night looking back through the websites on Luxembourg's food and culture I'd saved, searching for two things: dessert recipes and cross-stitch. Unfortunately, thus far I'm coming up empty handed. Most of the dessert recipes are too heavy for this time of year (in the middle of a record heatwave) or require off-season ingredients. Although I've been able to find patterns from Alsace, I have yet to turn up Luxembourg needlepoint patterns. The keyword search turns up a huge number of "Jardin de Luxembourg" patterns... End result, I'll have to save the winter recipes in a file and start looking for new ones. Any ideas?

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  1. We visited Alsace in the winter several years ago but I vaguely remember wonderful apple tarts and macaroons. This website has some ideas too

    good luck. what a fun challenge.