Monday, July 30, 2012

Matrilinear Monday: Tracing Your Family Luxembourg Ancestors?

    I've already run one of my Luxembourger lines into the end of internet based records. For my family's home village, they start in 1796... a few years after my great-great-great-grandfather was born. For that line of the family, I'm on to microfilms. Of course, that means I have to find time to do it.
    In the meantime, I'm working on a female line. This poses its own challenges: Luxembourg birth records do not list the mother's age. They only include her maiden name. That reduces you to one record to find the woman's birth record: her marriage record. In my case, it's in German. Not happening. I'm stuck with hand-searching and estimating, based on birth dates of children.
   So that leads me to ask: What are your tips for researching female Luxembourger ancestors?

My favorites are as follows:
1. If it all possible start with American records: American census documents will provide you with an approximate birth and immigration dates. You can use those to pinpoint a birth record in a village's record.
2. Look  for the marriage record: It should list the bride's age. Since couples tended not to move far, chance are high the birth record are from the same town.
3. If you get stuck, average age at birth of first child is at least 20. You can start hand-searching 20 years back.

Any better ideas?

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