Monday, July 9, 2012

Motivation Monday: Educational Goals for Luxembourger research

   I know I'm not the only one going through this process, so I thought I'd share my next steps for learning more about my Luxembourger genealogy.
    1. Try to learn some basic phrases in Luxembourgish. There are some good fact sheets online... In the meantime, at least I've managed "hello."
   2. Trace my great-great-grandmother's family. My male line in Luxembourg has hit a temporary dead-end until I start sorting some additional paperwork. That's not true for the female line. I have a birth date and name for her father, so I'm hoping to find his marriage certificate. At least I know what town I'm looking for... The date's a guess.
   3. Figure out my next steps for learning more...

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  1. Bryna, I was fortunate enough to have my gg-grandparent's marriage licence (Kane Co.,IL) that gave me the actual "town " in Luxembourg where they were born. I knew appox birth year for each so I used the Civil Registratins on FamSearch and found them both. I then proceeded to look for any siblings and marriage for each set of parents. I know have a huge spreadsheet thst contains anyone with the surnames in the direct lines and was able to back a few more generation on each line. Those civil regitrations are phenominal.!!!!!! The census records are pretty good to, but unfortunately they only on film. I've been able to construct the families and have been able to figure out who else besides my gg-grandparents (and his brother) came over and settled in Kane Co. It is such a fascinating group of people and the records , although in German and/or French) are pretty eady to use. Good luck to you. If you ever need any guidance give me a buzz. I also wrote about how to use the CRs in a blog post back in September.