Monday, October 29, 2012

Motivation Monday: What can you do with that degree?... Why genealogists make good employees...

  Unlike many genealogists, I have degrees that make sense for my field - French, History, and a Certificate in Genealogy. Of course, this inevitably leads to the question: what can you do with those degrees? You can be a genealogist of course, but most of us need to have a day job. So most people jump to a second option. You should teach, right?
  Frustrating! Like other genealogists, I can and do love to teach, but I can do other things. And here's  a few reasons why:

1. Genealogists are patient... Have you ever calculated how much time it takes to trace your family back two generations (if you don't already know their names)? Try taking your family back to the American Revolution.

2. Genealogists are good at unraveling problems... Not everyone left a nice neat family tree for us. Or even a copy of their birth certificate.

3. Many of us can speak or at least read another language. We need to be able to read vital records. But those same skills can be applied to technical manuals.

4. We're web-savvy. We have to be. How many libraries still stock the census on microfilm.

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