Saturday, November 17, 2012

Surname Saturday: Luxembourger DNA projects?

  I just finished Bryan Sykes's DNA USA. While I struggled with some of the thicker biology sections, I found it a fun read overall. It certainly introduced me - a genetic genealogy newbie - to the subject. (You can read a much better review than I can manage here.) It also left me wondering...
   Has a surname study been used with a Luxembourger family yet? I could see it having some interesting applications in our families. First of all, the "three brothers" myth tends to be a little more true, and most of us have a pretty provable paper trail. Second, we know most of the "brick walls" or the illegitimate ancestors.  Small immigrant communities have their pluses... Getting a surname study done (or several) might help prove the unprovable... but perhaps I'm just thinking out loud.

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