Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Calendar: Luxembourgers and The Christmas Tree

       Okay, I'll admit it. I've been bad. It's hard to keep up with posting when life gets crazy, and my life is definitely crazy. My Luxembourger research has gotten put aside so I can work on my Connecticut families... I'm doing too many projects. You know the drill.

     But the Geneabloggers prompt has gotten me thinking. Starting today, bloggers are using what they call "The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories." These are blog prompts on Christmas topics, taking you right up to Christmas. Christmas is when I'm most aware of my Luxembourger heritage, so I thought I'd dive right in.
  My family is rare for Luxembourgers: it's part-Luxembourger, part-German. As a result, our traditions are a little muddled. Some are Luxembourger; others German. And honestly, I'm not sure what comes from where.

  So here's my plan. Some days I'll share traditions. Others, I may be posing questions. I hope you'll jump in. I have a lot to learn.

    So, here goes! The Christmas Tree... As a little kid, I noticed that my family was the only one to open presents Christmas Eve. Apparently the tradition was to open presents, attend midnight mass, and then eat... And relax Christmas morning. Still our drill. Is that normal?


  1. Sounds pretty normal, Bryna! In my family (French-Canadian, Roman Catholic) we almost always opened our presents during Réveillon which followed Midnight Mass. Some years, though, we'd open our gifts on Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning, then attend Mass.

  2. In the area I live now (mostly Italian/Polish in origin), presents are always opened Christmas morning. I wonder about the difference!