Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Monday: What would our Luxembourger ancestors have thought?

   I've spent the last few weeks putting together a family narrative on two of my Luxembourger ancestors and, given the presidential inauguration, realized that I had left one major question unanswered: what did my ancestors think of American politics?
   My ancestors arrived in the United States in about the mid-point of Luxembourger immigration, which is to say, right around the American Civil War. Both were too young to fight in the conflict. As a result, I can't tell much about how they would have chosen sides from the records. But it leaves me to wonder: what did they think of their country, and its politics?
   Honestly, I may never know. The records I have indicate that my male ancestor was very involved locally, but say nothing about the national level. He definitely read the Luxemburg Gazette and not the New York Times. Was he concerned about the national government?
  I can say definitively yes to that. Because he was naturalized years before one had to be. The only good reason to go through the process was to vote. And he did.  So, hopefully, he would be proud watching today's inauguration. 

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