Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Emigrant Biographies, Institut Grand-Ducal

  I've probably mentioned the Emigrant Biographies on the Institut Grand-Ducal website before, but honestly, I've never taken them as seriously as I should. What are they? Information on various Luxembourg-Americans compiled from their obituaries in the Luxemburger Gazette. When I saw the site originally, my first thought was - oh, that's nice.
  Of course, that was before I realized the site covered one of my Luxembourger ancestors. It only goes up to the letter "E," but as it turns out, my ancestor was in the first bunch. The entry was pretty simple. Birth, death, marriage - in German- but it also included details about where my ancestor lived in the United States and when. The information on movement was more than I every would have found on my own.
  Learn from my mistake :)

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