Thursday, March 28, 2013

Those Places Thursday: Google Images

   This is one of those things I should have figured out a long time ago... but I guess logic finally caught up with me. I've always loved seeing where my ancestor is from. Unfortunately, much of the time going there in person isn't feasible. I've been lucky enough to visit the hometowns of many of immigrant ancestors, but I know that there are some I may never reach. Google Maps is a nice substitute - if it has street view. Street view does not exist for Luxembourg.
  So where to go from there? Google Images actually offers great photos of Luxembourg towns and cities. The search chooses images from sites that use your search terms. The end result may leave you with some photos you'll need to ignore - I ended up with photos of local construction sites - but also some nice images of town. It's a good place to "start" your visit.

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