Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tech Tuesday: New FamilySearch Luxembourg collection

  I have to learn to stop skimming FamilySearch.org announcements of new collections - especially when they come through Dick Eastman's blog. I keep missing new Luxembourg collections. I did it again this week!
   Turns out FamilySearch has a new Belgium, Luxembourg collection. That's right... Belgium, Luxembourg. Are you confused yet? Wikipedia offers a good explanation. But the basic gist is this - sometime in the 1830s, part of Luxembourg broke off from the rest of the country. That part of Luxembourg is now part of Belgium. So if you have ancestors from that region, the Belgium Luxembourg collections should offer a good resource.
    What's actually in the collection? Like most civil registrations, it contains images of the town's birth, death, and marriage records. According to the collection descriptions, the records begin in 1795 and run through 1912. You'll need to know the town name to access the records. Click on that, and you'll have to choose the type of record and period. Click on that to search by page. Happy research!

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