Friday, August 2, 2013

Follow Friday: The Mill

  Have you ever thought of writing your family history through the life of their home? This kind of history is called "house history." Usually it's written about the site, rather than the family. In short, if the home changes hands - the story changes topic.
  Jim Heckenbach follows both the site and his own family in his article " The Mill at Boulaide, Luxembourg, and the SCHLEICH, SPARTZ, SCHUlLER, BIERCHEN, MICHELA, and Nilles Families."  His grandmother was born in the old mill, and the story intrigued Heckenbach. He begins by providing the history of the site. Using old maps, he places the mill in the history of the royal holdings on the edge of modern day Luxembourg.
   The mill was sold into private hands at the end of the 18th century - and that's where its modern story begins. Era after era, Heckenbach is able to take the old mill into the post-World War II era. Definitely a good read.