Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolution Time

  I've learned a few things in terms of my research into Luxembourg-American genealogy this year.
1) There just aren't any courses. There are some good webpages online, but after you exhaust those, the only way to learn is to do research. There are experienced researchers who can help with this.
2) If you're like most Luxembourg-American families, you exhaust your ability to online research after about three generations. If your ancestor came over in the 1820s, you can only research one ancestor in Luxembourg- the earliest available records are from the 1790s.
3) You probably will need to be able to learn to read French and German. Your family's records could be in either language.

So my resolutions are as follows:
1) Organize my research on my own family. This will mean starting with my most recent Luxembourg ancestor and working backwards... This may take awhile
2) Convince my local library to become an FHL branch so I can order the earlier records!
3) Look for a course in either Luxembourger or German, so I can learn more about my heritage.

What are your resolutions?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Latest Resources in Luxembourg research?

  I've spent the last few days playing catch-up with my Luxembourger research. And it's made me curious. What new resources are available for Luxembourger research? What are your favorite resources? What do you suggest to a "newbie?"