Sunday, July 13, 2014

An outsider looking in...

I am part Luxembourger. In the US, that makes me Luxembourg-American.
    But like who were raised outside of central Iowa, I have almost no connection to Luxembourger culture. Why? My Luxembourger ancestor married German. Their child married an American born child of another heritage. Everything said and done, I am only 1/8th Luxembourger. The rest is a mixture of other American cultures, including Irish and colonial New England. And the Luxembourger history - minus a few random references to Black Peter - disappeared in the mix.

   Where does that leave me? Sometimes a little bit lost. I find the heritage of my Luxembourger ancestor fascinating. But it is extremely difficult to learn about what his daily life was like before he immigrated to the United States. I haven't been able to find any good books about Luxembourger culture. And where I'm located (New England), the other resources - like Luxembourg-American cultural societies - are not easily accessible. I know two words of Luxembourgish. Ironically, as an American trained French-speaker, I feel like I know a lot about my French-Canadian ancestor's daily life. I wish I had that knowledge of my Luxembourger ancestor.

    I would love to learn more. More about my ancestor's life. More about my past. Maybe even Luxembourgish. But how do I start?